Datacenter - Technology

Linux Platform Engineer

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time


Your expertise:


Experience with Linux operating system engineering with automation custom Kernel builds with partially substituted source

Capable of handling Escalation level for all Linux-related issues

Built an entirely new infrastructure during a data center migration, including seamless integration with Windows and Unix systems.

Hands on experience in DevOps and deployment automation to cloud environments

Knowledge of Ansible, Terraform and other related infrastructure tools for provisioning, configuration and deployment.

Hands on experience in years of experience with Cloud technologies

Experience in developing, deploying, monitoring and building large distributed and parallel systems using container technology in Micros services

Knowledge of industry wide technology trends and best practices

Proficiency in one or more modern programming languages: Java, Groovy, Python

Hands on experience in building and deploying microservices and cross channel restful Application Programming Interface (APIs) using Apigee, Consul, Resilience4J and Redis

NAS protocols, SMB3 protocol, NFS protocol, High-end Storage Systems, Clustering, High Performance, High Availability, Scalability, File/Object/Block Systems, Cloud Storage Gateway, Windows to Linux File server capabilities, Security, Encryption, Kerberos, NAS Gateway, File Server, Multi-channel, RDMA, SMB Direct, Distributed File Systems, Network File Systems, streaming, Media and Entertainment, samba, AI ML, and HPC

Hands on experience in SAN setup for new servers and storage provisioning to exiting production servers.

Allocations, extensions and removal of LUNS allocated to servers both from the array end as well as server side.

Responsible for Creating/Deleting Hypers/Volumes, Forming or Dissolving META LUN on Storage and mapping Planning and implementation of Storage as per need.

Decommissioning servers from storage end i.e., de-allocation of LUNs/Volumes through SYMCLI or Dashboard

Performing LUN reclamation from the array to free up the orphan LUNs from time to time to avoid space issues within the array.



What We’re Looking For

Core Linux System Engineering

Object & Block Storage

Access control and authentication

PKI, Secrets and certificates



Skills that will help you in the role: -

Networking including ACL’s and Firewalls

Packet inspection

Containers – Kubernetes and docker

Automation - Ansible/Jenkins

DevOps - ideally Chef

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